Innovative software designed for teaching general science, physics, chemistry and biology.

Ideal for use with an interactive whiteboard or digital projection system.

Science Diagrams
Science Diagrams is a drawing program that is specifically designed to produce simple line diagrams of scientific apparatus and experiments, which can be subsequently pasted into word processing documents.

Developed as a time-saving educational tool of benefit to both teaching staff and students alike, Science Diagrams is the perfect application for producing concise, accurate teaching aids, exam papers, and course work presentations - all in a fraction of the time taken using traditional methods.  Grades 7 to 12+.

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Physics VirtuaLAB Series
Pintar's Physics VirtuaLAB Series brings experiments to life in your classroom with stunning accuracy. All simulation activities are designed for real-time interaction and problem-solving.

Designed for use by both teachers and students, these powerful virtual tools can be used to demonstrate problems that were once static illustrations in books or inaccurate animations.

Teachers and students can make predictions, run experiments, test hypothetical and alternative scenarios and immediately see the results in the classroom. Each VirtuaLab provides laboratory examples, suggested experiment sheets, animated product demonstrations, a quick tutorial and full manuals to support teachers.  The VirtuaLAB Series is available for purchase with a single user or site license.  Titles may also be purchased individually.  WINDOWS.  Grade 8 to College Level.

Titles include:
  • Electricity
  (Selected by "NSTA recommends!")
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Sound
  • Waves
  • Optics

Physics InterACTIVE Lesson Pack Series
The InterACTIVE Physics Lesson Pack is a suite of eight programs covering Physics topics for grades 8 - 12. Each program consists of informative and interactive lessons and assessments which can be completed in 15 – 30 minutes and are suitable for individual, self-paced learning and review.

Ideal for whole-class teaching using an interactive whiteboard, or individualized learning on a personal computer. 
With the InterACTIVE Physics Lesson Pack, teachers possess a powerful tool to effectively present concepts in the classroom. Students continue to develop their skills and master content by completing self-paced lessons.

Teachers are further supported with lesson plans, quick-fire assessments and experiment results.

Titles include:
  • Electricity
  • Electronics
  • Electromagnetism
  • Forces & Motion
  • Sound & Waves
  • Light & Color
  • Energy Resources & Energy Transfer
  • The Earth and Beyond

The InterACTIVE Physics Lesson Pack Suite is available for purchase with a single user or site license.  Titles may also be purchased individually.  WINDOWS.  Grade 8 to 12.

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Birchfield Biology Series
The Birchfield Biology Series takes full advantage of interactive whiteboard technology enabling an exciting presentation of in a whole-class environment.  The Series includes eight titles that engage and amaze students. All titles include an interactive grade book to assess and monitor students' use of the software.

Just Click & Play. Each title is designed for use with an interactive whiteboard or data projector or can be used by individuals, groups, or by the whole class.

Comprehensive information is supported by state of the art animations, video footage and challenging exercises.

Each title includes a vast library of high quality digital resources. These can be imported into PowerPoint®, Word® or other multimedia authoring packages. Create your own presentations, websites and worksheets using these professionally produced resources.

Titles include:
  • Genetics
  • Digestion
  • Circulation
  • Plant Biology
  • Kidneys
  • Nervous System
  • Respiration
  • Living Things & the Environment

The Birchfield Biology Series is available for purchase with a single user or site license.  Titles may also be purchased individually.  MAC and WINDOWS compatible.  Grade 8 to 12.

Plant Biology and Nervous System Titles are Available at Amazon -- See Links at Left

The Interactive Periodic Table
Watch this remarkable reference come to life with this informative and interactive program.

The Interactive Periodic Table features a glossary of terms and fact-filled tutorials uncovering the history of the Periodic Table, defining what elements are, discussing isotopes and describing the arrangement of the modern Periodic Table. Users learn about the periods, the significance of a period’s number, and the families of elements. Each family is explored, and the common characteristics of its members are described.

The highlight of the program is an easy-to-use interactive Periodic Table. By selecting an element on the table, users access detailed information on the element including who discovered it and when it was discovered, the origin of its name, its uses, its sources and much more.  Grades 7 to 12+.   WINDOWS.


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